• These Weekends and Workshops are presented in the National Marriage Encounter format.

  • Weekends and Workshops are held either at a local hotel in the area (where the couples stay overnight on the Saturday), or using one of two different non-residential formats (where the couples return to their own homes on that Saturday night).
  • The two alternative non-residential formats can be held at either a local home or or at a designated congregational meeting space, to provide each couple with an atmosphere that eliminates the possibility of distractions.

  • If held in a hotel, each couple can attend without fear of incurring hotel or meal expenses because all hotel and meal expenses have been donated, in advance, by couples who attended the weekends prior to the one you will attend.  If you feel the weekend was worthwhile, you will be given the opportunity to make a similar donation to "pay it forward" for future couples.

  • Weekends or workshops start early in the morning on Saturday and run till late that evening, with each couple either staying in their room at the hotel on Saturday night, or, in the case of the non-residential formats, returning to their own homes on Saturday night. The program restarts on Sunday morning and concludes around 4:30-5:00 on Sunday afternoon.

  • Workshops at local homes or congregational meeting spaces can either start on a Friday evening or a Saturday morning, and will conclude either by the end of day on Saturday or by 5:00 on Sunday.

  • There is no requirement for public sharing during the weekend program ... the main focus of the weekend is communicating privately with your spouse.


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