The "Couple Check-Up" is a very interesting and useful by-product of the "Prepare/Enrich" couple assessment tool used by many professionals.


The "Couple Check-Up" is accomplished by having each partner in a marriage go on-line to take a confidential, private and individually customized survey about themselves and their approach to important relationship oriented issues.


After each partner in the marriage takes their on-line survey, they are e-mailed a report that shows areas where they are in strong agreement and areas where they need discussion to promote growth.


Instructions are given to aid the couple in having meaningful conversations about their report subjects and grow in understanding, acceptance and trust.


The result that is anticipated is that each of the partners will better understand their partner,  and we know that this is vital to growing more deeply in love.


This session can be initiated by having a meeting of interested couples, where an introduction to the process can be explained.  Following the taking of the surveys, a group general discussion of how to initiate resolution discussions can be scheduled.


If this Enrichment Seminar sounds like members of your congregation would be interested, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make arrangements.




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